Peace Riders! Here’s your weekly update on where we stand and what will be important this week.

Last week: Genesis Drop 3/5 sold out, Introduction of our two Tokens and Whitepaper release
Last week was another week where we could realize some major milestones on our roadmap and bring our vision a step closer to reality. On Thursday the last Riders of our third Genesis drop were sold out, pushing our traded volume to 27 AVAX. We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the Riders out there who support our project! You are awesome!
Second, we introduced the dual-token system we are going to use in our P2E. There will be our native in-game token SKILL and our utility and governance token POW, about which you can read more in the Chalet Lounge articles at the end of this section.
Last but not least, we have finally achieved to publish a V1 of our Whitepaper. We’ve been working hard and trying our best to explain the complex but revolutionary vision we have in mind for our P2E. Check it out and give us some feedback, we would appreciate it!

Whitepaper: https://avalanche-riders-nft.gitbook.io/whitepaper/
Skill Token:
Fresh Pow Token:

This week #1: Major roadmap update
With a V1 of our Whitepaper now ready, we’re able to provide you with a more detailed version of our roadmap. This is why for this week, we have planned to revise the roadmap currently live on our website and update it with a more precise version of what we have planned, involving more in-between steps and milestones.

This week #2: Genesis drop 4/5 — Lunar themed
Get ready to ride the mountains of Earth’s satellite! Our fourth Genesis drop will take place this Wednesday (16th Feb) at 8PM on Kalao marketplace and will be lunar-themed! There will be 20 Riders minted with a listing price of 0.85 AVAX.
As it is the case for the other Genesis drops, each Rider will entitle you to a free airdrop when we launch our second collection and our P2E, so Genesis drops can be your best chance to get in early and save your spot!

Official announcement: https://twitter.com/avaxriders/status/1492522573686525954

This week #3: Giveaway colab with AvaSharks
We have partnered with the amazing AvaSharks team to give away Genesis Rider #61, which will also be the first Genesis Rider shredding the hills of Moon. Take your chance if you haven’t already! It will end on Fri, 18th Feb 2022, 3PM CET.

All infos here: https://twitter.com/avaxriders/status/1493257521863221249

These are just some of the most important points we are certainly going to realize this week. We are still working on the overview section on our homepage, aiming to provide new Riders and people new to our project a better and more simple overview on what we’re doing.

As you may have noticed, we strongly value quality instead of quantitiy. This might result in some delays, as for example with the promised sneak peeks on the 2nd collection. As we have put a lot of effort, our heart and soul into writing the whitepaper last week, there will be some more delays regarding the sneak peeks and we’d like to ask you to please be a little more patient.

We will hold all of our promises, but quality takes time and from our perspective it is better to be a bit late than to deliver poor quality. Thanks a lot for your understanding Riders!

This would be all! Again, make sure to check out our Whitepaper and don’t miss Wednesdays drop! As always, if you have questions / feedback: We’re thrilled to hear from you in the comments below or in any other way you like!

Stay tuned Riders and let’s shred this week! 🏂🔥

Note: This article has been moved here from the Chalet Lounge after our community has voted on using Medium instead of our own announcements blog.



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Avalanche Riders

Avalanche Riders

Avalanche Riders is an upcoming P2E with its own metaverse and NFT collection on the fast, powerful and eco-friendly Avalanche blockchain.