Peace Riders! Here’s your weekly update on where we stand and what will be important this week.

Avalanche Riders
4 min readMar 14, 2022


Last week: New core team member, AMA and first Gear NFT sneak-peeks
Last week was rather calm at the front, while lots of things were going on behind the scenes. Thursday, we have welcomed Nicola (Discord: Nyx_5454) as the third member to our core team. He will be responsible for 3D design and animation, but due to his experience in both Blender as well as game development, also support us in developing our P2E.
Next, we have been invited to an AMA in fellow Avax NFT project Alteregopunks’ Discord. It was in written form and took place Thu, 10th March, from 8PM to 10PM UTC. If you have missed it and would still like to see our answers to some very intersting questions (thanking Echelon from AEP and everyone else who attended for their questions!), you can find the AMA archived on the AEPs’ Discord: https://discord.gg/fyZVquXWrF
Also last week, we have started sharing the first sneak-peek on how Gear NFTs will look like. The card design might still be changed, however the idea should be seen more clearly in the first design. All Gear and Rider NFTs of the 2nd collection will be in 3D, as the sneak-peek we have shared on our Twitter / in our Discord and can also be seen again here:

Sneak-peek on how Gear NFTs will (approximately) look like: Here, a red-blue Avax Carver snowboard.

This week #1: More sneak-peeks
We have planned to invest a lot of time in designing the Riders and Gear this week so you can look forward to many different sneak-peeks! Our goal is to finish the set of Avax Carvers so we can present them to you in all their different colours. We’ll update the card design of the gear NFTs (there are some things missing on the first sneak-peek above, also want to try other designs) and start modelling a first (naked) Rider. Furthermore we will start creating some other gear items, so there might already be a sneak-peek on a complete Rider still this or next week!

This week #2: Tokenomics Development
Simultaneously to designing the second collection we are going to invest another big amount of time in developing our Tokenomics. Although we have planned to release detailled Tokenomics on both $SKILL and $POW by the end of this month, we try to already give some sneak-peeks on $SKILL, our in-game token, this week. Further announcements coming on our Twitter.

This week #3: Vote / Discussion on minting mechanism
Since the 2nd collection minting will take place on our own website instead of a third-party marketplace (as Kalao was for our Genesis collection), we have planned to create a special minting mechanism which we will present to you also this week. Since this mechanism (as our concept in general) is rather experimental, we first like to initiate a discussion and a vote in our Discord on whether we should go for the mechanism we have in mind or just do a regular minting. (Or even something else if there are cool ideas from the Riders gang’s side.)

As you can see, we’re nearing the end of the “in-between” phase in which the Genesis collection has sold out but there’s not yet a second collection ready. This phase (which is mostly the month of March) is and has been marked by a lot of planning, organization and design, which are all processes behind the scenes. This is why we’re trying to release as many sneak-peeks as possible, so we can keep you up-to-date on our project. We’re aware that our marketing is rather lagging at the moment, however we’re looking forward to April, when our Tokenomics and big parts of the 2nd collection will be out, minting mechanism, date and price are ready and we can start pushing our marketing with a lot of giveaways, airdrops, collabs, Twitter spaces, AMAs and more, since we can then give precise answers to questions regarding our Tokens and launch date — and have something to actually give away too!

Thanks for reading Riders, and again thanks for all your support! We have gotten some really awesome feedback the past few days and are proud to be a part of this community and thankful for having found a group of people who share our vision!

With this said, LFG, WAGMI and let’s shred another week! 🚀🏂



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