Peace Riders! Here’s your weekly update on where we stand and what will be important this week.

Last week: Genesis Phase completed — 71 AVAX in volume, 3 AVAX floor, 2 rankings on Kalao! Last week was a small step for a Rider, but a huge step for the Riders Gang! After our fifth and last Genesis drop was sold out in less than 12hrs, pushing us to ranks #8 on Kalao’s daily and #22 on their weekly charts, our floor has jumped to 3 AVAX, which is an increase of +100% compared to where it was before the last drop, while our traded volume had almost doubled as well and climbed to 71 AVAX. This is absolutely amazing and wouldn’t have been possible without the support of this awesome community! A big Thank You to all the Riders out there! ❤️ With all this we can proudly announce that the first project phase, a.k.a. the Genesis phase, has been successfully completed, and we’re already launching Phase 2!

Genesis collection: Floor price vs. time
Genesis collection: Traded volume vs. time

This week #1: Sneak-Peeks into Gear objects This week may get a little bit calmer than the last one, as we’re preparing everything to get started with Phase 2. We’ll allocate most time to start designing the Gear item NFTs and the game cards, of which we’ll provide some sneak-peeks so that you can see that we’re still working hard! 😉

This week #2: Planned AMA with Alteregopunks We have scheduled an AMA session together with the fellow Avax NFT project Alteregopunks, where you can ask us anything about our project. It is planned to take place in their Discord and start at around 8PM CET (7PM UTC) on Thursday. We’ll make a definitive announcement on our Twitter soon.

This week #3: Administrative stuff There’s also a lot happening behind the scenes this week. We will further work on the Tokenomics of our POW token, which we plan to release until the end of this month, and we will have meetings with fellow 3D artists who will join our team and support us with designing all the various Gear and Rider NFTs of the 2nd collection. 🏂

This would be everything from our side, as always, if you have questions / feedback: We’re thrilled to hear from you in the comments below or in any other way you like!

Also: There’s a poll on our Discord -> Votes on whether we should remove the Chalet Lounge and switch to Medium instead. Please take a look and vote if you haven’t yet! :)

Stay tuned Gang and let’s shred Week 10, shall we?! 🚀🔥

Note: This article has been moved here from the Chalet Lounge after our community has voted on using Medium instead of our own announcements blog.



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Avalanche Riders is an upcoming P2E with its own metaverse and NFT collection on the fast, powerful and eco-friendly Avalanche blockchain.