Peace Riders! Here’s your weekly update on where we stand and what will be important this week.

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4 min readMar 28, 2022

Last week: SKILL Tokenomics, Sneak-Peeks and Development
Around 80% of last week’s time we have invested in 3D-modelling and development. Since these are both “background activities”, meaning nothing new was released or published, we provided lots of sneak-peeks to keep you up-to-date. (In case you’ve missed it, a collage of some of them can be found below.) In particular, we’ve made large advancements with the 3D Riders themselves, where we’re reaching the end of the modelling process and can now proceed to texture and applying Gear (see more #2). But also with Gear NFTs we’ve made some progress, and the Avax Protec helmet has been added as the second item in the “default” Riders’ outfit (along w/ the Avax Carver snowboard). Third, the development of the “Help, Earn, Win!” section of our website (yes, it was “Help and Win!” before, but new name cooler) took another big bunch of our time. We’ll continue working on this for the next few weeks, as explained in #3. Last but not least, we’ve published Tokenomics on our inflationary in-game token $SKILL and presented some mechanisms on how we aim to regulate market fluctuations.
Read our Medium article on $SKILL here: https://avalancheriders.medium.com/skill-the-jet-fuel-of-our-p2e-72da81c81c11

Some of last week’s sneak-peeks. From top left to bottom right: “Help, Earn, Win!” section on our website, “Avax Protec” helmet sneak-peek, Rider modelling process (3).

This week #1: POW Tokenomics and Whitepaper V2
This week is the last week of Q1! And we still have one milestone remaining on our roadmap: A second version of our Whitepaper, involving final Tokenomics on both of our tokens: $SKILL as the Riders’ in-game currency, and $POW for utility and governance. The tokenomics on $SKILL have been released yesterday, whereas those for $POW will be coming this week, including initial supply, distribution, an approximate launch time and more.
Both tokenomics will then be integrated into our Whitepaper, which we will further complement with some additional concepts and details and then release as a V2.

This week #2: Finish Rider modelling and even more Gear
On the design front, our goal is to finish the modelling of our Rider this week, so we can start adding facial texture, hair and skin, some gear as well as cool animations and provide a final version ASAP. We will also model some new Gear items and provide some sneak-peeks, but guess you’re used to this by now ;)

This week #3: “Help, Earn, Win!” section development
When it comes to the “Help, Earn, Win!” section of our website (about which we’ll provide more info soon), we have to admit that development takes us longer than planned. This is not a very big issue, since the problems don’t arise from smart contract development (which would be bad as they make up a large part of our project) but rather from some unclarities regarding the Twitter API (which we only need for this specific website section). We will therefore further work on its implementation during this week and re-focus on the minting smart contracts in the following weeks.

That’s it for now, Riders! We’re at the end of Q1 of 2022, which has also been the first quarter of our project! Looking back at where we have started three months ago, we’re thankful to everyone who has made it possible for our project to grow this big in only three months! Starting with setting up our Twitter account and welcoming our first follower to designing the first Genesis Rider and listing them on Kalao to where we are now, it’s an amazing journey and we’re thrilled to make it not alone but with our amazing Riders community! ❤️🏂

Thanks for reading guys! Let’s shred into Q2 like no one has before! 🚀🚀



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