Website Update 3.0 and the “Builders Portal”

With the third major update of our website, the Builders Portal will go live this week. While some folks might not even spend a second there, for others it will become the most important part of our website. Let’s have a closer look at what the Builders Portal is, and how it works.

Avalanche Riders
3 min readJun 23, 2022
The Builders Portal will be accessible from the newly designed V3 landing page.

A central hub for all types of business inquiries

The main idea behind the Builders Portal is to have one central place for any type of business inquiry there is. Until now, we have received a lot of invoices and DMs scattered across all of our socials: Inquiries for marketing collaborations on Discord, giveaway collabs on Twitter; people who want to moderate our future Telegram in Hindi, others our Discord in Spanish; people who want to help us coding the game, and people who want to sell us their launchpad infrastructure or offer to us their promotional services. We recieve Discord DMs, Discord group chats, Twitter DMs, E-Mails, and so on.

The problem with this is the following: Most of these inquiries require at least three messages back and forth until it is clear for both sides what is going on. Most messages we receive are a simple “Hello!”, and after two or three messages more there comes the “may I offer you our services?”, and after another two messages we finally get some rates, which — so honest we need to be — is the only thing interesting to both parties. This procedure, combined with the fact that it’s scattered over a lot of different channels, is extremely inefficient and becomes increasingly confusing the more inquiries we receive and have to protocol.

Now, this is where the Builders Portal comes into play. It features three forms for the three types of inquiries we receive by far the most:

  • Collaborations in marketing and PR
  • Offers for products and services (e.g. promotion, launchpad, etc.)
  • Applications to moderate our socials

Each form collects all the important data needed and saves them in one place. This makes it easy for anyone who wants to approach us and easy for us to overview it. From lots of back-and-forth on different channels we now have one single message in one single place.

The main menu of the Builders Portal provides easy access for the most frequent types of business inquiries.

Everyone can join and become part of our core team

The other side of the Builders Portal is to provide information to those who want to become part of the Avalanche Riders core team. This means working with the founders and devs closely on the central parts of the project such as game development, marketing, design and legal analysis. The Builders Portal provides two special sections: One listing the most important jobs in our project and a short description on these, the other listing which jobs/positions are most wanted right now.

When it comes to joining our core team, our ideology is the following:

Everyone who has the skills required and wants to join will get a chance! We do not “employ” people, meaning there’s no fixed salary and no legal agreement. We’re looking for people who want to “join our project” instead, share our visions and the excitement of building something big. The motivation should be of intrinsical, not of financial nature. And then, when we all together reach success, we’ll split the earnings fair and according to each team members’ efforts and time they have invested into this project.

At the moment (with the first version of the Builders Portal, website V3.0) it is not possible to directly apply for joining our core team. This feature will be added in the next update, i.e. website V3.1. If you’re interested already, don’t hesitate to contact us per e-mail ( or on Twitter / Discord.

The Builders Portal / website V3.0 will go live later this week, the announcement will be made on all of our socials. If you have any questions, ideas and/or inquiries until then, don’t hesitate to comment or contact us in the old-fashioned way.

Thanks for reading, and let’s shred Riders Gang! 🏂



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