Riders School — Learn everything on Avalanche Riders in 5x15 minutes

Next month our first Twitter spaces series “Riders School” will have it’s debut. Here’s what you need to know.

Avalanche Riders
3 min readJun 29, 2022

We’re excited to welcome you to our very first Twitter spaces series. As announced in our socials and on our 2022 roadmap, there will be three series in total, each with a different concept, intention and topic.

The idea behind the “Riders School” is to provide all important infos on our project in a very short time.

We know that these days time is the scarcest resource, especially in blockchain. This is why each episode of “Riders School” aims at providing all the info you need in as few time as possible. To realize this, we have decided on the following structure:

  • 15 minutes input from the devs on a selected topic
  • Followed by a Q&A which takes as long as it takes

The topics of each episode are listed in the episode guide below.

The exact airing dates of each space will be published at least one week in advance.

We will award Tickets + POW in the HEW app for everyone joining our space. More infos regarding HEW integration will follow on our socials.

Epsiode Guide

Lesson 1: Overview
In this pilot episode we start right away with a nearly impossible task: To give you an accurate overview on everything of Avalanche Riders in not more than 15 minutes. We will especially emphasize on the following points:

  • The problems we want to solve, our visions, and how we plan to achieve them.
  • Summary on all the different concepts, from game mechanics to tokenomics, and how they are all in play with each other.
  • How our NFTs work, what Riders and Gear NFTs are, when our mint will go live and how the Two-way-minting system works.

Our goal is to cover as much of our project as possible. If you only want to listen to one space of us (for whatever reason you might have), make sure it’s this one.

Lesson 2: Deep dive
While our first episode provided an overview of everything, including a very brief summary on our core concepts, the second episode will focus on only these core concepts. We will deep-dive into our Whitepaper and explain our minting mechanism and our tokenomics in as much detail as these 15 minutes will allow us.

Lesson 3: A project for everyone
A good game must boast some interesting game-mechanics and easy accessability for the players. A good company must attract new investors and act in their best interest to generate steady yields. A good P2E unites these two, and tries to integrate further roles such as developers, art collectors, and more.
In this episode we will explain how Avalanche Riders provides interesting opportunites for all of these roles, and by doing so really is a “project for everyone”.

Lesson 4: Events — Combining everything
So-called Events are by far the most complex element in Avalanche Riders, but also the most interesting. They combine almost all concepts of our tokenomics, and aim at fusing marketing with gameplay. Although in our Whitepaper a brief summary on Events can be found, we will use this episode to explain in great detail what our visions are and what possibilities and opportunities might emerge when it comes to Events.

Lesson 5: How will we even do this?
Planning is good, acting is better. Now, we certainly talk a lot: This is revolutionary, that is groundbreaking — so you naturally might wonder how we’re even going to realize all this. But be not afraid, our plan is at least as good as what we have planned. This final episode of “Riders School” will be used to tell you about all the major steps involved until our metaverse stands, the strategies we have and the ways we chose to realize these steps.



Avalanche Riders

Avalanche Riders is an upcoming P2E with its own metaverse and NFT collection on the fast, powerful and eco-friendly Avalanche blockchain.