IMPORTANT: Major Project Update

The end of one quarter is the beginning of the next. It’s time to plan the future, and there’s one big update.

Avalanche Riders
3 min readApr 1, 2022

Q1 has been an insane quarter for the Avalanche Riders. With only a Twitter account at its beginning, we now have our own website, Discord server, Medium, a Whitepaper, 3D models and card designs for Gear NFTs; we’re almost done with the modelling process of our 3D Riders, have two new members in our team and, last but not least, sold out all five batches of the Genesis collection. Looking at our roadmap, we can proudly say that we have achieved every milestone we have set for ourselves.

However, these are not the only things that have changed in the past three months. When we started this project, our intention was to create a very simple P2E, like most others on the market today: not much detail, simple graphics, one or two playing modes, and a fast hype for the community and the investors to profit from. With time passing on, we came to realize more and more that this is not what we actually want. We want to create a product that stays, and isn’t bound to the hype of NFTs. (It sure always is to a part, but in our opinion most P2Es out there are not games people would play if no NFTs were involved.) We started designing an in-game economy which is more than playing matches and getting rewards, then decided on making our Riders and Gear with ornate 3D graphics instead of simple 2D (as for the Genesis collection Riders). Finally, we have decided on making a much more elaborate and thought-through indie-game, using NFTs and blockchain as the underlying technology rather than the main reason for our game.

What does this mean in concrete?

We need to extend our roadmap — to certainly more than one year.
We have created our “trail map” when we still had a simple game in mind, especially without detailled graphics and complex game modes. Now, we see that the intentions we currently have can’t be realized in the short timeframe we set for ourselves (until the end of Q3). We have received a lot of positive reactions on our 3D sneak-peeks, which is why we assume that the Riders community likes our work and the quality we deliver. We definitely want to maintain this quality, which is why we have decided on extending our timeframe. Also, we want to do KYC and meet the regulations required (especially for the ICO of our POW token), which is a time-consuming process itself.

Now, we know that with these major decisions there are always two sides. We hope that most of our awesome Riders Gang members support the step we made, but we totally understand it if you hoped for a rather fast development. This is why we tried to find a fair compromise:

  • Gear and Rider NFTs (a.k.a. 2nd Gen collection) will still be released in Q2, meaning Genesis Rider holders will get their airdrop with no delay and also minting and trading will start this quarter. This part of our roadmap is left entirely untouched!
  • In the V2 of our whitepaper (to be released in the upcoming days), we will include the tokenomics on POW and some additional analytic chapters including a SWOT- and market analysis, token and funds allocation, etc.
    This should provide everyone with a better overview on where our project is headed at.
  • Starting next month, we’ll increase our marketing dramatically. Once we have a full 3D Rider model, we can start giving away WL spots and market our project on Twitter and Discord.

The milestones mostly affected by this decision will be the release of the P2E itself and the launch of our POW token, with the latter coming in early 2023. We still are going to publish smaller versions of the games and betas before the actual release, so Riders and Gear bought in this quarter’s minting can already be used.

We really want to thank everyone in our Gang supporting the Avalanche Riders project! Stay tuned for the V2 of our Whitepaper and POW tokenomics, it should answer at least some of your questions. Of course, you can always contact us if you have feedback or things that are unclear, or just write in our Discord.



Avalanche Riders

Avalanche Riders is an upcoming P2E with its own metaverse and NFT collection on the fast, powerful and eco-friendly Avalanche blockchain.