Fresh Pow Token — Governance and Utility for the Riders

The Fresh Pow Token ($POW) is the governance and utility token of Avalanche Riders. Here’s everything you need to know.

How can $POW be earned?

  1. Winning competitions will be rewarded w/ $POW
  2. Participating in events
  3. Lending out your Rider NFTs on the Lending Marketplace
  4. Investing in metaverse properties like Lifts, Slopes, Ski Shops, Gyms, etc. and earn fees in $POW

How can $POW be spent?

  1. Buying new item NFTs in the Ski Shop (like better snowboard/helmet for ex.). The Ski Shop is our in-game NFT marketplace.
  2. Certain events will require an entrance fee in $POW.
  3. Since $POW is a cryptocurrency, it can be traded in the open market.

$POW as a Governance Token:

  • Hodling $POW will allow you to participate in project governance. Since it can be earned for playing our P2E, this means the more you play the more the game actually belongs to you!
  • There will be rewards in $POW for participating in governance votes and being an active part of our project / the community. This will give the power to not only those who invest a lot of money but also to those who actively engage w/ the project and bring it forward.

Tokenomics of $POW:

  • There will be a limited supply of $POW only.
  • Initial distribution, detailed Tokenomics, Pre- / Public Sale dates, etc. will be announced w/ second version of whitepaper when we’re closer to launch.

Stay tuned for airdrop opportunities & further updates!
Peace and LFG Riders! 🚀

Note: This article has been moved here from the Chalet Lounge after our community has voted on using Medium instead of our own announcements blog.



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