February Roadmap Update

Peace Riders! New month, new goals! Here’s a short overview of what we have planned for February:

  1. Genesis Drops 4 and 5
    We will list the remaining 40 Genesis Riders for sale until the end of this month. We have planned to make them in a special theme like the alpine night theme of the third batch (now selling on Kalao). They will of course grant the same airdrop rights as for the first three batches. Price will be 0.85 AVAX for 4th, 1 AVAX for 5th batch, as you can also see on our Genesis collection overview.
  2. Start of “real” collection for P2E
    We will share the first sneak peeks of the upcoming “real” Avalanche Riders collection you will be able to use in our P2E metaverse game. We will also publicise the game concept as part of a first version of our whitepaper (see next point).
  3. Whitepaper V1
    In order to give our Riders a better and more organized overview of the game concept / mechanics of our upcoming P2E, as well as Tokens and collection properties / stats, we will summarize all of our ideas in a first version of a whitepaper to be released in mid / end feb.
  4. Discord
    As promised we’ll set up a Discord server in mid / end feb as well, in addition to the Chalet Lounge, so we can grow our awesome Riders gang and get people from outside to learn more about our plans! TG might be considered as well for next month, but Discord has priority.

This is all you need to know right now. But stay tuned, more will follow up shortly! Let’s shred gang! 🏂🔥
Got some ideas / wishes / questions / feedback in general? Make sure to comment below!

Note: This article has been moved here from the Chalet Lounge after our community has voted on using Medium instead of our own announcements blog.



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